Introduction -- Introduction to the proposal.


Many existing plug-ins do not have a preview to show the effect of the plug-in. This is a very unfortunate situation, because in many cases this greatly reduces the usability of the plug-in.

This document describes a new preview widget for GIMP plug-ins. It should be considered a proposal for discussion.

There is a beta version of the preview that you can download. This version requires GIMP 1.3 and GTK >= 2.0.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are very welcome. The best place to send these is the Gimp-developer mailing list . This is a closed list that normally does not accept mail from non-members, but you can easily subscribe yourself at For most remarks, this should be the appropriate discussion forum. If for some reason you don't want to subscribe you can send your comments to me directly. Please indicate if you would mind my forwarding your mail to the Gimp-developer list.

I also welcome minor comments such as spelling mistakes, grammar corrections, coding errors and such. Please send these directly to me.

Ernst Lippe